Custom JeweleryThank you for taking the time to look at Eternity Jewelers. The jewelry business has changed significantly over the past few years, and we have stayed on the cutting edge of it’s advancements.

It will become necessary to “toot our own horn” in this statement as we have over 36 years experience in making custom jewelry.

For many years, a client would bring their stones and gold to us which we would form a wax model of the desired piece of jewelry, and then proceed from there. However, if there was any change the client wished to make, it usually meant making an entirely new wax model.

With the advancements in custom jewelry making, you can now see a photo quality image of exactly what your new work of art will look like.

Want to make a change? No problem.

In the past, imagination played a big part in visualizing what the wax model would look like once it was produced in the white gold, yellow gold, or platinum. Now you can see the finished ring with all of the stones set BEFORE we’ve even started on it.

There is a very consistent question most of our clients ask once they’ve seen this beautiful rendering of what they’d like made, and that is “HOW SOON WILL IT BE DONE, I CAN’T WAIT?!”.

Here comes the “toot our own horn” part:

I know of no other jeweler who can take whatever old gold, and stones that someone may have, and make beautiful designer works of art like we can. We are the masters of taking old, outdated, and just plain ugly jewelry and making it into something that you will wear for many years, and enjoy daily.

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